• Ohms 0 to 4000 ohms
  • Millivolts -50 to 1000mV
  • Standard, Easy-to-Read Process Displays 4-20mA output with superimposed HART digital protocol signal
  • 2-Wire,
    Loop Powered (12-42Vdc or 12-28Vdc for IS applications)
  • Field-Mount Dual-Compartment and Hockey-Puck with Complete Temperature Transmitters Assemblies (head, pipe, relay-track, surface and explosion-proof)

    High-Density and RFI Resistant

  • Aluminum DIN-style (G-type and Top Hat rails)
  • HART and analog communication
  • Programs with HART communicator, host or FREE PC software and cable
  • Customizable display shows process status/diagnostics (TDZ2)
  • 20-bit input resolution delivers exceptional digital accuracy
  • Long-term stability, up to 5 years between calibrations

THZ2 – TDZ2 Isolated 2-Wire Smart HART Temperature Transmitters

  • Programmable via HART Communicator or Intelligent PC Software

  • RTD 2-, 3-, 4-Wire
    Platinum, Copper, Nickel
  • Thermocouple J, K, E, T, R, S, N, C, B